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DPA Components International Provides Manufacturing, Assembly, Test, Screening & Qualification of Custom High-Reliability Electronic Components

requirements. Engineering then assigns the job to a Responsible Engineer for technical tasks such as test programming or burn-in definition before the parts even arrive at our dock. When the parts arrive they are received according to their quoted job number and a schedule is created based on cycle times for the processes approved by QA. An electronic "On-Line Traveler" is created at this point to track all processes, status and performance associated with the job. The status of every job is posted on the Internet and is accessible by a customer with the appropriate customer identification and password.

DPA Components Intl. developed and implemented a Quality Management System in order to document the company's best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and improve the overall management of the company.

ABACUS Information Gateway Data Flow

  1. Sales and Marketing - Obtains Customer Requirements.
  2. Quoting / Inside Sales - Translates Customer Requirements into electronic lot travelers on ABACUS for pricing and delivery to customer.
  3. QA - Reviews all awarded job lot travelers against original customer requirements and approves the job for Receiving Inspection before parts can be received electronically.
  4. Engineering / Fabrication - Assigns the job to a Responsible Engineer to start technical tasks and track the job via ABACUS from inception to shipment.
  5. Receiving Inspection - Receives the parts and creates electronic schedules and On-Line Travelers from the ABACUS system.
  6. Production - Processes the parts at each Process Workstation as defined by the On-Line Traveler. Every job is tracked electronically via ABACUS through each step of the entire process flow.
  7. Customer Service - Monitors the job status schedules and notifies customers of problems arising that may affect promised delivery dates. Provides electronic detail status reports for customers.
  8. Internet Status - Updates each day showing the status of each job. This information is accessible from any PC terminal with proper customer identification number and password.
  9. Quality Assurance - Provides customers with failure data and information for jobs on hold. Works with Customer and Engineering until the job is released from hold status.
  10. Shipping - Reviews documents and all data to be shipped to the customer. ABACUS generates all documents via the database and verifies critical information such as quantities, purchase order numbers, items to be delivered, etc.
  11. Data Retention - All data entered into the ABACUS Information Gateway is backed up every day and is retained for at least 10 years. Each job folder is retained for at least 7 years.

The ABACUS job tracking database has been created to facilitate tracking complex jobs through our facility as we perform many processes on electronic parts and to provide our customers with complete and instantaneous traceability for their job. Job tracking is another Better Value that DPACI offers as we deliver Total Solutions for our customers' needs.

Job Tracking

DPACI's custom job tracking database ("ABACUS") begins with the Sales / Marketing department when they receive an RFQ and the customer requirements. Based on the customer requirements, a process flow in the form of an electronic lot traveler is created by the quoting department, which then determines the price and delivery. Once the job is awarded, QA reviews the lot traveler against the original customer 

Quality Policy

The primary quality objective of DPA Components International is to satisfy our customers' needs. We will accomplish this objective by conducting our business in an environment of teamwork, process improvement and technical excellence:

DPACI strives to deliver the service and value that meet or 
exceed customer and regulatory requirements.  We commit to continually improve our QMS by establishing quality objectives, addressing risks and opportunities and promoting ethical behavior.

Effective implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of the entire management team and employee workforce.

The Quality Management System of DPACI meets the requirements of the international standard AS 9001 / ISO 9001:2000. This system addresses the development, production, installation, and servicing of the company's products.

DPACI's Total Solutions approach provides an integrated team within one facility to ensure that quality is part of initial design and development and continues through all phases of production, testing and certification. This minimizes the risk and logistics in a program, resulting in Better Value for our customers.

We thrive on creating effective communications, making timely resolutions and generating superior performance through the use of our in-house Information Management System. Our online database provides real-time status to our customers via our Job Status system on the Internet and other EDI formats.


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