These product families feature:

  • Full Temp Range (-55ºC to +125ºC) Qualified, Ceramic Packaged
  •  MTBF superior to COTS
  • 2MB to 72MB memory densities
  •  3.3V or 5V input operation
  • Very fast access times
  • Footprint redundancy to (selected) plastic Cypress offerings
  • Change Notification Guaranteed
  •  Longer term die availability
  • 100% USA built and tested
  • All Documentation included with order


QML Memory 5962- Products

In recent years, DPACI has witnessed an emerging increase in both the requirements and demand for high reliability standard microcircuit drawing (SMD) memory products in the Military and Space Market.

Both MIL-STD-3018 (Parts Management) & NASA’s EEE-INST-002 (PEMs specification) now set orders of precedence for DSCC SMD parts when available over SCD and COTS.

DPA Components, International has answered the call by offering our own line of QML military memory SRAM products!

We are DSCC-qualified to manufacture SMD versions of the Cypress Synchronous and Asynchronous SRAM (2 Meg to 72 Meg).

These monolithic-die products address the rigorous demands of the Hi-Rel Memory market backed by a proven world-class leader, Cypress Semiconductor.

The DPACI product offering at the present is for Q (military) level Asynchronous SRAM - Certified by DSCC for the production!

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