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DPA Components International Provides Manufacturing, Assembly, Test, Screening & Qualification of Custom High-Reliability Electronic Components

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Certifications &

From parts procurement, specification generation, and component screening to making high-reliability replacement recommendations, we provide complete management services. Parts procurement is offered at all reliability levels for either one component or for the complete BOM. In-house die blanking, elemental die evaluation, and custom packaging are part of our services in our Class 100 clean room. We utilize the existing in-house infrastructure to support all of the services above for your EEE parts management program.​

We test and certify all parts to applicable standards required by the customer with certifications accepted by DSCC, NASA and DoD contractors. Delivery of tested and screened parts is phased just in time (JIT) to support new system builds, heritage upgrades, or field supports. All component electrical and environmental testing are done under a single facility to enhance visibility of throughput. 


EEE Parts Management

DPACI provides comprehensive electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical parts management services to meet the high-reliability program requirements of the industrial, military, and aerospace industry. We work with the Customer Parts Lists, Bill of Materials (BOM), Parts Management plans, and/or as directed by the Customer Statement of Work in order to create a Turn-Key Solution to MIL-STD-3018 ”Parts Management” requirements. In case of obsolescence and DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) problems, we can offer effective solutions utilizing all of our in-house capabilities to minimize supply chain and logistics problems.

Location: 2251 Ward Ave. Simi valley CA 93065