DPACI’s methodology can detect counterfeits before they show up as a widespread epidemic in your production lines or component failures. Our counterfeit analysis techniques go beyond the standard surface and internal structure validation. We can provide complete functional verification of the device and obtain read and recorded data to certify the authenticity of the product. Surface inspection can only detect fraudulent markings, solder lumps, chips/cracks, and other surface irregularities that rise due to oxidation or sanding are detected through visual inspection. We use real time X-Ray to detect anomalies in 3-D with time stamped recorded video. In depth visual inspection such as SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) CSAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscope), cross sectioning, in-depth material analysis using EDX and XRF (Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry) can detect material anomalies in counterfeits. However, electrical and functional tests using DPACI’s large device testing library in addition to all other inspection methodologies is a Turn-Key Solution to counterfeit suspects.

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Counterfeit Analysis / Screening Services

DPACI perform counterfeit part analysis on all types of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) components. Our suspect counterfeit analysis task groups include source identification, manufacturer validation, external visual inspection, mechanical inspection, electrical test, X-Ray, in-depth internal visual and materials analysis. With one of the largest databases of test reports for EEE components, we can offer similar historical data for correlation with images, test data, certifications and reports.

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